Regular Services:

• Set up accounting systems
• Prepare sales tax report
• E-file payroll tax report
• Record cash receipts and disbursements, accruals, and adjustments
• Produce general ledger or trial balance
• Maintain accounts receivable or accounts payable ledgers
• Calculate depreciation and maintain fixed asset registers.
• Compile financial statements
• Develop budgets and forecasts
• Analyze operating results
• Provide consulting services on subjects such as data processing systems

Payroll Setup:
• Record new employee info.
• Prepare regular paycheck
• Process payroll adjustment
• Calculate payroll tax deposits
• Prepare payroll tax quarterly reports
• E-file payroll tax quarterly reports
• E-file payroll tax payment
Special Requests:
• Process IRS audit request
• Process state audit request
• Review financial reports
• Review benefit and compensation plans

CPA fee is associated with the size of company and services required. For each new client, we gave an estimated fee based on estimate total time to spend. When additional time or services are needed, we will discuss a reasonable fee with clients. Once we reach the agreement, we both would sign the engagement letter. For clients with special needs, we would consider to offer special discount.

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