Retirement Services
• Traditional IRA
• Roth IRA
• Simple IRA
• Individual 401K
Our CPAs explore the use of current retirement plan strategies to maximize tax-deductible contributions to fund the business owner and key employee’s retirements.
Education Services
• 529 Plan
Our CPAs get an overview of the financial planning steps necessary to help clients. We prepare for the important goal of college education planning. We cover calculation assumptions to use for the cost, investment options, including the written investment policy for this asset.
Insurance Services:
• Life Insurance
• Health Insurance
Special Cases:
• Develop a personal financial plan
• Create a family budget
• Develop an estate plan
• Assess annuity, insurance plan
• Advise on divorce financial settlements
• Develop savings and investment strategies
• Assess insurance needs
• Recommend college funds
• Consult stock, mutual fund
• Consult loan Services
• Consult insurance services

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